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Redesign of

We just gave MTV3 Mobile website a redesign. The recipe: Simple and usable MTV3 News look & feel Easy access to sections, cross promoting services and sibling websites As simple a design as possible: After contemplating how to differentiate between link types, we chose not to—Everything needs not to be conveyed to the user Perfect partner: Besides coding, Conmio handeled […]

Advertising Concept: Opening page

Display advertising displayed on top of regular layout such as rich media ads must subside in given amount of time. Squeezing elements into limited screen space results in crowded layouts. Banner ads are notorious for their poor performance. Good isn’t enough—Banner ads must be downright awesome for more than 1 per cent of the viewers to click on them. In collaboration with our […]

Juuri Nyt: Design for a News Application

Juuri Nyt is a news application that brings core categories from our main site to mobile users. When user connects to a network she can download latest news on her mobile device (iOS, Nokia Symbian^3 touch, Nokia WP7), where they remain until she updates again. Application is built by Conmio. They have also built The International Herald Tribune’s application with the same technology. Since […]

Touching up a mobile webmail service

MTV3 Mail service ‘Luukku’ has been wanting an overhaul for a long time. Due to limited screen spaces, it leaves less room for designer to work in. Mobile design is all about function and all aesthetics must be subject to functionality. This means we will be doing quite a bit of more testing than in our other projects. It also […]

Hyphenation in web documents

Long words are typographically troublesome when you lay out pictures and words in tight columns. You might need to promote a lot of stories simultaneously, or convey an impression that your pages are packed with content. Then those long words can really mess up your layout. This is typically the case with front pages, in […]

Test for screen reader users

I am trying to define the best practice to mark up “breadcrumbs” -element. If you are a blind person using a screen reader, your experience is especially important to me. Please test the following examples and write me a comment. In your answer, please explain: How do these breadcrumb examples  appear to you? Does your […]

Semantically styling breadcrumbs—What’s wrong with » > › → / • ?

We need to optimize our sites for search engines, but shouldn’t we do it in a semantically correct manner? Apparently I’m a year late with this topic – It was about a year ago, when Google started adding breadcrumbs to SERPS, but hopefully it will make it easier to find the answers I’m looking for. […]

10 Violated Usability Conventions

Content that requires registration: Most common examples: Digital newspapers (NYTimes). Most common excuses: “Our content is so good, it’s worth requiring registration”. I think I’ve covered most of the list myself… Sorry!

Protected: Building Crowdsourcing Applications

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Protected: All The Small Things

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